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Components of the wafer probe card

Probe card is an essential probing interface in wafer testing, which involves several advanced technologies in the manufacturing processes. Before wafer slicing and IC packaging, the welding pads on the wafer chip must be probing for quality tests to prevent the defective parts be packaged. That the probe card affects the IC manufacture greatly is a critical technique and interface. CMAT have focused in the probe card components fabrication many years, and promote the machining precision continuously to obtain the best performance for the probe card made. The customer can give full play on the inspections when uses the card. 
probe card Specification

Probe Size 5 mils 4 mils 3 mils
Probe Shape Flat Pointed / Flat Pointed / Flat
Probe Material Paliney 7 Paliney 7 Paliney 7
Probe Force (g/mil) 2.7 2.4 1.8
Max Current (DC) 550mA 480mA 340mA
Contact Resistance <5Ω <5Ω <5Ω
Minimum Pitch (x,y) 195um x 180um 180um x 160um 145um x 135um
Tip Length (+/- 1mil) 30mil 30mil 20mil
Testing Temperature 0 ~ +150°C 0 ~ +150°C 0 ~ +150°C
Tip Diameter Pointed 0.40 ~ 0.70mil 0.40 ~ 0.70mil 0.40 ~ 0.70mil
Flat 5mil 4mil 3mil
Alignment Pointed +/- 0.5mil +/- 0.5mil +/- 0.5mil
Flat +/- 0.7mil +/- 0.7mil +/- 0.7mil
Planarity Pointed +/- 1.5mil +/- 1.5mil +/- 1.5mil
Flat +/- 0.7mil +/- 0.7mil +/- 0.7mil
OverDrive (mils) Pointed 3 ~ 5mil 3 ~ 5mil 3 ~ 5mil
Flat 3 ~ 5mil 3 ~ 5mil 3 ~ 5mil
OverDrive (mils,max) 6mil 6mil 6mil